DV Production

With more than 1 billion websites online, net surfers are becoming more and more discerning about content. You have around 20 seconds to capture their attention, otherwise they will click the back button on their browser, in many cases never to return.

Streaming media presents one unique way for websites to add to the experience of visitors by engaging their senses whilst explaining your product or service at the same time.

Streaming media allows you to reach a global audience and diseminate information with cost-effective, dynamic content, that will stay in the minds of surfers. Video is also a vgery powerful viral marketing tool. Every person with an email account has received a link to view a video online at some stage or another.

What types of businesses could benefit from streaming media?

  • E-tailers
  • Facilities
  • Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Educators and trainers
  • Musicians/Entertainers
  • Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs
  • Professional Services such as Real Estate Agents, Photographers, etc
Some common questions...

Won't the surfer have to download a large file?
Not at all. Streaming media happens simultaneously and immediately, leaving behind no residual copy of the content on the user's machine.

What about the size of the files I need to upload?
After compression, the files remain quite small - around 5 megabytes for a 3 minute video. The normal standard is to have the files in 2 formats - Quicktime preinstalled for Mac (and some PC users) and Windows Media Player or Real Player for the the remaining PC users. Mac users are able to use Windows Media Player, however many are reluctant to add any additional software to their machines, hence the requirement for Quicktime.

What will having a 3 minute streaming video on my site do for me?
We know that Internet users enjoy watching web video - 7.8 billion streams were viewed during 2003. Having interesting content will keep them at your site for longer and help them to understand the benefits of your product or service. If they do that, then they are more likely to make a positive decision about paying you some of their hard earned money.

Having a short streaming video produced and put on your site is far more cost effective than you think, so please contact us today about your needs.